3 Easy Dollar Store DIY Projects

Quarantine boredom strikes again! April is coming to a close, which means that I’ve been stuck in my house with nowhere to go for over a month now. Can you believe how long this has lasted?

Thoughts on the Value of Gratitude

Gratitude. I must admit that this is something that hasn’t always come easily to me. In the past, I was somewhat of a blind optimist, excited for everything in my life. More recently, some of the struggles in my life have gotten to me, and I went through a time where I really had to look harder in order to feel a sense of gratitude for anything that I had.

DIY Floral Wooden Letters

I was shopping at Home Depot recently when my boyfriend walked up to my shopping cart holding some wooden letters he had found. They were a J and an L for Juan and Lauren (those are our names, for those of you who don’t know).

Five Ways to Maintain Your Mental Health During the COVID-19 Quarantine

In times of uncertainty, it’s easy for anxiety levels to rise. I know I’ve felt it – the worry of walking past a stranger on a necessary grocery store trip and wondering if they could have the virus. The obsessive use of hand sanitizer after I touch anything. Walking the other direction at the park after seeing someone cough without covering their mouth. The realization of just how often I touch my face. The tension and boredom of being stuck at home with no place to go.

On Bipolar and Finding My Own Silver Lining

Last year, I missed my own birthday.

I actually went out to dinner with two close friends for my 31st birthday. But I wasn’t really there. The reason was because I was experiencing my second manic-psychotic episode during that outing. The chemicals in my brain were roaring in imbalance. I might as well have been on drugs, because I had become an entirely different person.

4 Special Details That Make a Home Fascinating

I both love to decorate and love to appreciate other people’s home décor. I’ve probably said this before, but I’ll say it again: your home tells the story of who you are. I always find myself entranced by the way that other people decorate, whether it’s similar to my design style or totally different. Here are some of the things about decorating that I find fascinating.

How Bipolar Disorder Affected My Life in 2019

In a few (since deleted) posts I’ve shared on my blog, I alluded to the fact that the past year and half has been a tough time period for me. I struggled for a while with whether or not I should share what’s been going on, but I feel that not talking about this has created a bit of a writer’s block for me. In the spirit of unblocking myself, here’s the truth of what’s been going on in my life.

My Perfect Hot Toddy Recipe

As a whiskey lover, a hot toddy is an obvious choice for a warm winter drink, but there are so many hot toddy recipes out there, with all different ingredients. Finding the perfect combination took a little experimentation.

The Inspiration Behind My Boho-Boudoir Design Style

Since I was a little girl, I’ve always loved design. It actually started with my childhood dollhouse. My first was a Playschool plastic dollhouse, which I received as a Christmas gift. My mom had staged some pretty pieces of furniture in it, and the first occupant was a Vanna White Barbie doll. Yes that’s right — Vanna from Wheel of Fortune was my first Barbie.