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The Curvy Girl’s Guide to Creating a Bra & Shapewear Wardrobe

Every curvy girl’s wardrobe needs a strong foundation. That pretty but too-thin dress suddenly becomes modest and flattering when paired with the right shapewear. The perfect bra can take your look from, “Ehhh” to “Va-va-voom!” Conversely, a good minimizer can help you pull off a look that might be otherwise a bit unflattering.

4 Classy Ways to Show Off An Hourglass Figure

The classic “problem” of a curvy figure is that clothes that look cute on your petite friends can wind up looking a bit trashy on you. The situation can seem a bit lose-lose — when you wear baggy clothes, you look way heavier than you actually are, but if your clothes are too tight you find yourself on the receiving end of some leering or judgmental stares.

3 Basic Tips to Dress Your Hourglass Figure

Dress Your Hourglass Figure

Dressing curves presents an interesting challenge. On one hand, shifting through racks of the trendy hipster options presented by Forever 21, Urban Outfitters, and the like can be damaging for your self esteem. This flowy fringed crop top looks way better on that petite girl at my church than it does on me.