6 Simple Ways to Elevate Your Style

Have you ever seen a girl wearing an outfit that just has a certain special something to it? You can’t always pinpoint why it looks so great on her, but her style has an undeniable appeal. It might seem like magic, but there is always a science behind the art of wearing clothes well.

Here, I’m breaking down the art of style and distilling it into six simple tips that can help you achieve that same magic with your outfits.

1. Choose Colors that Suit You

When I’m wearing a color that looks good on me, my skin tone looks better, my eyes sparkle, and my hair looks dazzling and glossy. At least this is what I imagine and hope for! But seriously, the right clothing colors make a huge difference. When you wear the right colors, your features are emphasized and YOU are wearing the CLOTHES. When you don’t wear flattering colors, this is often when the clothes start to wear you — people might notice that your top is a cute style, but it won’t be the same as that inexplicable lift in your appearance that the correct colors will provide.

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2. Pay Attention to Fabric and Texture

It’s true in both interior design and with your clothing – texture is an important dimension of your style. When you consider fabric texture and not just the style and color, everything gets elevated. Consider adding interest with lace, velvet, denim, and knits.

3. Pay Attention to Fit

One of my style pet peeves is stretch marks around the crotch area or clothing that clings to every little curve (like the curve of your stomach or inner thighs). Wear clothing that skims your curves without clinging to them. Often, this might mean going up a size. Going up a size can feel frustrating, but remember that no one sees the number on your tag — they only see the end result. If going up a size means it no longer fits (for example, the bigger pair of jeans fits your derriere but not your waist), consider a tailor or hunt for a brand that fits your shape better.

4. Flatter Your Figure

Besides knowing your figure and what cuts are flattering on you (I’m not going to write about this because so and so already has here), it’s important to know your body and how to work with your unique features and quirks.

For example, I am bowlegged, so when I choose boots I select them with a looser fit because it helps de-emphasize the fact that my legs aren’t perfectly straight. Another trick: I have long femur bones and short calves, and I know that heels elongate my lower legs and create more visual balance. For this reason, you’ll rarely see me in flats. You will often find me in shoes with a short (3-4 inch) block heel. Still wearable, but much more flattering on my legs. Yet another tip: curvier legs look best with a thicker and less delicate heel.

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5. Experiment with a Variety of Silhouettes and Styles

When you consider someone’s style, it’s more than just one outfit that they wear on a given day. Style takes into consideration how you present yourself to the world every day. I find that people who really know how to mix it up have the most intriguing style. Not that there’s anything wrong with having a uniform – it can make getting ready for the day much easier. But if your goal is to keep things interesting, mix it up!

6. Use Style as a Creative Outlet

This, for me, has become a huge canvas for creativity. It’s fun and challenging to build an expansive and colorful wardrobe that is both practical and beautiful. I love expanding my horizons by trying new styles and combinations, and I find myself energized to do this regularly because of the positive and excited attitude I have about clothing.

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