3 Must-Have Accessories to Help You Rock Your Pixie Cut

I tried something different this year and traded my curls for a pixie cut. I’ve gone chin length before, but this is my first experience of having my hair quite this short. I love it, but the jury is still out on whether or not I plan to keep it this way. One thing is for sure: having shorter hair has changed the way that I dress. The cuts and silhouettes that look good with a pixie are not the same as when my hair was long.

Here are three styling tips for wearing your pixie cut to it’s fullest potential.

1. Wear Lots of Earrings

When I cut my hair, I went on a bit of an earrings shopping spree. I didn’t wear earrings much with longer hair unless I was wearing an updo. But it just makes sense to pair shorter hair with a gorgeous pair of dangling earrings.

2. Try Ruffled Tops

I’m not usually into ruffles. If you’ve glanced at some of my older posts, you’ll notice I favor figure-hugging, streamlined styles. Ever since I started rocking this pixie cut, that has changed. I’m all about ruffles now, especially if the ruffles are right at my shoulders. They add an extra feminine flare that offsets the boyishness of the hair cut.

3. Bare Your Shoulders

The sexiest thing about a pixie cut is that it shows off the feminine shape of your neck. Off the shoulder tops or cold shoulder tops are a great way to accentuate this fact.

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