4 Compelling Reasons to Shop Secondhand

Anyone who knows me knows about my obsession with thrift store shopping. I’ve blogged about it many a time, and I can be found in a thrift store at least twice a week hunting down the latest fashion bargain.

My mantra to find the best pieces is “shop often, buy seldom,” so I don’t always leave the store having made a purchase. This is how I can justify spending so much time in these stores — I only buy things that I absolutely love, but in order to find them I really need to invest time in looking for them.

Thrift store shopping is more than just a fun hobby — shopping secondhand is actually a very responsible decision. Here are four reasons why I think everyone should consider secondhand shopping.

1. It’s Affordably Sustainable

Fast-fashion poses many ethical problems, but finding brands that are ethical and sustainable requires research as well as a hefty price tag. I like to think of thrifting as the “reset” button for brands that aren’t sustainable. When you buy used, you aren’t supporting a brand in the same way that you are when you buy brand new. You aren’t directly contributing to the production of new clothing. You are taking what’s already in existence and giving it a new life. And you’re doing it at a fraction of the cost of most ethical brands.

2. It Saves You Money

I already touched on this a bit, but thrifting can help you to build an extensive wardrobe at a fraction of the cost of new clothing. Whether you search the bargain bins at Goodwill for the lowest possible prices or you opt for the organized luxury of an upscale thrift store, you’re paying less for what you buy.

3. It’s a Creative Outlet

Unlike regular shopping, thrifting exposes you to both current trends and vintage clothing. This allows you to be exceptionally creative with your style choices. Instead of wearing the same trends that everyone else is wearing, you can mix contemporary brands with vintage pieces for a look that’s all your own.

4. You Enjoy the Thrill of the Hunt

Fellow thrifters can agree that there’s nothing quite like the thrill of finding that perfect piece at an inexpensive price. Some people might brag about how much they spent on their designer clothes, but thrifters love to brag about the great deal they got on the same brand. Thrifting can require more patience than shopping new (a reminder that my mantra is, “shop often buy seldom”), but the payoff — lower price tags and the thrill of the hunt — is totally worth the effort.

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