Four Investment Pieces that I Paid for Full-Price For

As a big fan of thrifting, you’ll often find me in outfits that cost me $6 or less per piece — and I like it that way. I’m all about the thrill of the hunt and getting big bargains, so you’ll rarely catch me paying full price for anything.

On occasion, however, it is necessary to spend more in order to acquire an investment piece. An investment piece is something that you spend a bit more money on because it’s a vital part of your wardrobe. I’ve found that for certain pieces, it makes sense to pay full price in order to have the highest quality and to make sure that the item suites my precise needs.

Here are a few items that I found to be investment-worthy!

1. High-waisted jeans

After scouring the thrift stores for a few weeks, I began to realize that coming across the perfect pair of high-waisted jeans was unlikely, so I started to look for a pair to invest in. I had been wearing jeans with a lot of stretch to fit my curves, but the extra elasticity meant that they weren’t lasting very long. I needed a less stretchy pair with a great fit, and to me that was worth spending a little more than usual.

A good friend introduced me to Madewell jeans, and I fell in love. The thing I love about Madewell jeans is that they come in a curvy fit — designed specifically for ladies with a smaller waist/bigger booty. These fit nearly perfectly, and I find that they don’t stretch much between washes (I try to wear mine about 4-5 times before washing). Plus, I was able to purchase jeans with an 11″ high rise — which is perfect for me because I love to tuck in my shirts at my natural waist. The best part is that once you wear through a pair of these jeans, you can get a discount on your next pair by turning them in to the store for recycling.

Shop Madewell jeans

2. Fitted blazer

First of all, let me say that if I’m going to pay full price for an item, it’s likely a piece from White House Black Market. WHBM is great for stylish yet adult-looking workwear, and the styles fit curves really well! I thrifted about 3-4 articles of clothing from them and loved every piece — so when I needed a new blazer, I decided to make a trip to the store to try them out. This fitted yellow blazer was the result of that first shopping trip. I love the bright color, and I love how well it fits me. The sizes in this store run a bit large (this blazer, for example, is a size double zero, which I clearly do not fit into at most stores), so be sure to check the size charts if you order online.

Shop White House Black Market

3. Tie-waist dress pants

I absolutely adore a nice pair of high-waisted dress pants, and this “paper bag” style from White House Black Market is one of my favorites. They fit me just a bit loose in the waist, but the tie-waist fixes that problem. In this photo, I’ve got them paired with a green cashmere turtleneck that I scored at a thrift store. When you thrift as often as I do, it can leave more room in your budget for a few great investment pieces that you can pair with the lower-cost items.

4. Leopard pumps

And finally, one of my favorite investment pieces are these leopard pumps — also from White House Black Market. The block heel makes them a super comfortable yet stylish option. They add an edgy kick to an office-appropriate look.

What are some clothing items you have invested in? Share in the comments below!

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