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Riverton Garden Tour 2018 Highlights

By , July 26, 2018

Garden Tour 2018 was one of the highlights of Spring for me. This tour, hosted by the Porch Club of Riverton, was a gorgeous tour of nine different gardens in Riverton, NJ.

I took hundreds of pictures, and editing down my selection was a challenge. The first stop on the tour, which I’m sharing here, was easily my favorite.

This gorgeous front porch caught my eye right away. I loved the soothing color palette, which featured mint green, steel grey, and pops of blue, red, and orange with a generous sprinkling of gold metallic elements. This home inspired me to start incorporating mint into my living room decor.

The walkway to the back garden featured a slate path and plenty of adorable little vignettes to keep your eyes moving on the path back to the backyard, which ended up being quite the stunner…

My mom was all about this adorable side garden!

I loved the red yarn details on this wooden piece (above). I’m thinking of mimicking this embroidery style, but on a wall tapestry.

Didn’t I tell you that the backyard was quite the stunner? This stand-alone back deck is impeccably decorated. The color scheme ties in with the front porch without being an exact replica of the same style. I wanted to cozy up on this little couch and hide out in the backyard all day. I would’ve gotten kicked out, eventually. But it would’ve been worth it, I think.



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