Simple Zucchini & Naan Mini Pizza

I absolutely love naan, which is an Indian style flat bread that I often purchase from Wegmans. Typically, I heat it in the oven and serve it with hummus. Recently, I tried something a little different — and I absolutely love how it came out!

How Creativity Can Help You Cope With Mental Illness

When I was first diagnosed with bipolar, I suffered from a variety of seriously negative thoughts and emotions. From feelings of embarrassment and shame, to feeling abandoned by people I cared about, to feeling confused about my diagnosis, my mind was constantly overwhelmed and bombarded.

Cinnamon Apple Cider Sangria

This sangria takes apple cider to a whole new level! With the sweet taste of cider paired with a hint of cinnamon, oranges, merlot, and brandy, this refresher is perfect for any time of year.

3 Tips for a Stylish and Relaxing Home

They say that home is where the heart is — surrounding yourself with a beautiful home will make you feel at ease and will help you relax. As a soon-to-be first-time homeowner, I’m looking forward to my move-in date – where for the first time I can move in to a space and make it completely my own. I’ve lived in three different rented spaces in the past four years, and I’m looking forward to being more firmly rooted somewhere.

Four Qualities of an Extroverted Introvert

As a big fan of personality quizzes, I’ve spent a significant amount of time pondering whether or not I’m introverted or extroverted. There’s something so validating about taking a quiz and receiving a resulting reading that explains you and your behavior. I think it stems from our desire as humans to feel understood (and to understand ourselves).

Waiting for The One: 4 Things You Should Look For In a Relationship

Recently, my fiancée surprised me with flowers. It was a simple gesture, but it carried a lot of weight for me. As I cut my roses and placed them in a vase, I thought about all the times when I was single that I picked up flowers for myself.

3 Easy Dollar Store DIY Projects

Quarantine boredom strikes again! April is coming to a close, which means that I’ve been stuck in my house with nowhere to go for over a month now. Can you believe how long this has lasted?

Thoughts on the Value of Gratitude

Gratitude. I must admit that this is something that hasn’t always come easily to me. In the past, I was somewhat of a blind optimist, excited for everything in my life. More recently, some of the struggles in my life have gotten to me, and I went through a time where I really had to look harder in order to feel a sense of gratitude for anything that I had.

Four Investment Pieces that I Paid for Full-Price For

As a big fan of thrifting, you’ll often find me in outfits that cost me $6 or less per piece — and I like it that way. I’m all about the thrill of the hunt and getting big bargains, so you’ll rarely catch me paying full price for anything.